The news about the acquisition of Mon Technician Island has sparked a genuine wave of enthusiasm within our company and has captured the attention of the media.

To our great surprise, the news first made headlines in the Journal de Montréal just a few hours after the release of our press release. This was followed by a series of interviews, including appearances on Salut Bonjour, LCN, and QUB Radio, to name a few.

Subsequently, the announcement quickly spread across local and national media, even reaching Europe! Articles praised our company for this bold initiative and highlighted our commitment to employee well-being. Television and radio shows, newspaper articles, and online reports all contributed to promoting our company and our project in a positive light.

The enthusiasm also extended to our partners and the local community. Many expressed their support and admiration for our company, including on social media.

This warm response encourages us to further develop our initiatives and strengthen our relationships with our partners.

We are proud of the positive impact this announcement has had not only on our employees but also on the perception of our company. People are starting to recognize our logo, customers are talking about us, businesses are talking about us—overall, it’s all positive.

The purchase of this island symbolizes our commitment to innovation, creativity, and the well-being of our team. We are confident that this new adventure will strengthen our corporate culture and inspire future exceptional projects.

Here is a summary of the media coverage:

Video content: 
Salut Bonjour
LCN/TVA Nouvelles

Radio broadcasts:
98,5 FM – Luc Fernandez
FM 104,7 (radio Outaouais)

Print Media:
Communiqué de presse
Journal de Montréal
Journal de Québec
TVA Nouvelles
La Presse 
La Presse
Henkel Média
CTV News
Global News                                                   
Global and Mail
National Post      
BNN Blomberg
City News Toronto
Vancouver Sun
Calgary Herald
Halifax City News
Prince Georges Post
Chat News Today
The Observer 
The Messenger
Courrier Laval
Écho Laval 
Granby Express
Branford Expositor
Euro Day
News Day (France)
Noovo Info
CP 24 
iHeart Radio (96.9 FM) 
Le Lézard
Lien Multimédia
Mon Fric