Daily maintenance

Technical support for businesses

Stay proactive and on the lookout for threats

As we all know, a computer failure or problem can greatly affect a company’s productivity. Whether as part of a bank of hours or outsourcing your IT, our technicians offer you daily support that minimizes wasted time… and money!

Our team responds to service calls to fix problems related to hardware and software. We can also monitor your systems and notify you as soon as an anomaly is detected: the ideal solution to prevent breakdowns!

Proactive measures

Regular support from our specialists ensures that your IT is optimized: updating servers and software, checking automatic backups, removing unnecessary software, and so on.

Available solutions

  • Computer inventory management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Active systems monitoring


  • Avoid wasted time (due to issues related to memory, servers, hard drives, etc.)
  • Make sure your computer tools run smoothly at all times

Why My Technician?

  • Dedicated team
  • People who speak your language
  • Available staff
  • Genuine interest in your business objectives
  • Proven expertise

Get a free evaluation!

Get a free evaluation!