Information technology is an essential element for the proper functioning of companies. Moreover, faced with an IT failure, their activities can quickly be slowed down, which can generate significant costs. If you recognize yourself in these words and your core business is not IT, you should probably use an outsourcing service. This type of service allows a company to entrust everything (we will then speak of global outsourcing) or part (we will speak of partial outsourcing) of the management of its information system to a specialized external service provider.

MyTechnician discusses the advantages of using an outsourcing service to secure your SME.

More reliable data security

Nowadays, IT systems are increasingly outward-looking (employees working from home, data sharing on the cloud, remote access…), which exposes company data to many threats (phishing attempts, viruses, malware…). Data security is therefore a priority for companies, as well as for outsourcing professionals, who will be able to set up all the necessary security and backup tools to make your IT equipment more reliable.

A unique expertise

Would you entrust the management of your bank accounts to someone who is uncomfortable with numbers? No? The same applies to the management of your IT equipment. When in-house IT skills are insufficient or absent, using an outsourcing service will allow you to benefit from the expertise and know-how of professionals in the field to guarantee the security of your information system. They will be able to perform several services on your computer system, ranging from simple tool maintenance to virus or attack anticipation.

Increased performance

Outsourcing services make it possible not to worry about the management of IT related to the company. Therefore, your company and your employees can focus on their core business, without fear of being slowed down by a new computer failure or a slow network connection. Companies can thus develop new offers, offer more activities and, more generally, gain in productivity.

Reduced costs

Using external service providers to manage your information system allows you to establish a precise audit of your IT needs and, thus, to replace or remove obsolete or unnecessary IT equipment in order to have tools that correspond exactly to the needs of your SME. This way, you reduce your costs and have a very accurate idea of the costs associated with managing your IT system.

Fast IT support

By using an outsourcing services system, companies limit IT problems and, if a failure occurs, it will quickly be controlled by phone, remotely or directly on site.

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