Imagine: you have just had your professional computer stolen or your hard drive suddenly crashes. How do you manage to recover all the valuable data of your company? A question quickly answered if you are already a keen cloud user. A real headache if you haven’t thought about this storage system yet.

What exactly is a cloud ?  A cloud can be defined as the outsourcing of data to a remote server. Previously used to back up holiday snapshots or favorite music, the Cloud is now increasingly being used in a professional environment to secure and back up business data. A winning method that offers many benefits for large companies such as start-ups, SMEs or TPEs.

With a cloud, your company’s files are no longer stored on your computer but are backed up on an external server. Moving from a traditional storage system to an external solution can be scary, but this method is inevitable in an increasingly digitalized company.

The cloud is accessible everywhere

This is one of the biggest benefit of the Cloud. All the files saved on the Cloud (folder, text, audio, video, photos) can be accessed from any device: computer, smartphone, tablet… A simple Internet connection is all it takes for your employees to access their files, whether they are at work, at home or on the go. With the cloud, mobility management is simplified.

The Cloud saves money

Opting for an outsourced storage solution offers great financial advantages. Companies only pay for the resources used (Pay as you go system) and the responsibilities for the maintenance, system update and performance are the responsibility of the supplier.

The Cloud promotes innovation

Every day new solutions, new regulations and new challenges are emerging to keep companies competitive. The Cloud helps companies meet these requirements by offering turnkey solutions that go beyond a simple data storage solution (file sharing and editing between colleagues, automatic backup…). Therefore, companies can focus on their business and adapt quickly to market changes without having to worry about infrastructure.

The cloud enhances the security of your data

Last but not least: the security of your data.  A fear that many bosses have: that their data will disappear or be stolen through a cyber attack or industrial espionage. Working on a remote server rather than your local workstation protects your data from disasters, theft or technical failure.

What are you waiting for to make your business live on a small cloud?!