WiFi networks around the world could be hacked.  A major security breach was discovered a few days ago by US authorities and Belgian researchers.

The WPA2 encryption protocol, used by almost all wireless networks, is vulnerable: thanks to this flaw, it is possible to decrypt all data transmitted via WiFi from mobile phones, computers, tablets…

All protected modern wireless networks are affected, say researchers who have discovered the problem.  Linux and Android operating systems, used by Google, are the most vulnerable. MacOS (Apple) and Windows systems are also affected, but at a lower level.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, a group that sets standards for wireless networks, says, however, that users should not panic. There is no evidence that this flaw has already been exploited at this time.

Microsoft reported that security updates were issued on October 10 and that they did not reveal the flaw until other industry players were able to develop and distribute security updates.


  1. Update all Wi-Fi antennas.
  2. Replace old antennas that no longer have updates.
  3. Update all devices connecting via Wi-Fi. Windows, MAC, iPhone, Tablets, Android, etc.

However, before embarking on a huge update process, it is necessary to check with the manufacturers first to see if any updates to fix these security flaws have been released.