At, we are the first to remind you that cybersecurity is everybody’s business and, above all, that it must be integrated into the daily life of your business. But if you’ve never really realized the risks online, this month is the perfect time to adopt new behaviors! Every year, the month of October is dedicated to raising public awareness of cybersecurity issues around the world.

In Canada, five themes are addressed during this awareness month, which aims to inform and protect users from potential online attacks:

1. Our Internet, our cybersecurity

2. Secure shopping

3. Our data is valuable

4. Our critical eye and the internet

5. Our future in cybersecurity

In our personal lives as well as in companies, IT tools are developing more and more, and the trend is only increasing. By 2020, more than 50 billion objects will be connected to the internet. A figure that shows growth and innovation because these new objects often make our daily lives easier. But this number can also be scary when we know that, poorly secured, these tools become digital targets that can easily be attacked by viruses and malware.

This awareness campaign is more than useful so that everyone is aware of the risks and knows how to ensure the security of their personal data and those of their company. This month, My Technician gives you some simple tips to apply on a daily basis, in connection with the cybersecurity awareness campaign.

Create a true safety culture in the company

Internet security is not only a matter for experts. The Internet is a shared resource and each user is responsible for making it secure. Human errors are the first cause of hacking in companies. Your employees must therefore be sensitized. If necessary, an audit can help detect weaknesses. Although people are spending more and more time on the Internet, Canadians are still reluctant to shop online. Lack of trust, fear of being ripped off… Several reasons can explain this barrier to buying on the web. Your e-commerce company must therefore be aware of this and offer 100% reliable and secure online solutions.

Assess the sensitivity of your data

SMEs and VSEs collect, host and process a large amount of computer data on a daily basis. Password, personal data, patent, contracts… All this data does not have the same level of sensitivity and it is up to companies to assess their level of confidentiality in order to choose appropriate protection solutions.

Get informed to make conscious decisions

Knowing what to do when faced with cybersecurity issues is not an easy task. Our role (and also one of the objectives of the awareness campaign) is to provide companies with the necessary information so that they can develop a critical look at their online practices. The more you stay informed, the better you can make the right IT security decisions for yourself and your company.

Cybersecurity: a priority for your company, to be addressed by 2020

The Internet is constantly evolving and threats are increasing. You must therefore be prepared to adapt to new technologies and emerging rules. At the end of the day? A protected company, confident customers and a significant return on investment!