My Technician is proud to be awarded the Laurian-Barré Award for Employer of the Year in the Dunamis 2022 competition. This prestigious award was presented by the Laval Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Dunamis Gala held on November 24, 2022.

“This is undoubtedly one of the greatest recognition an entrepreneur can receive, bar none. To know that we’re doing things right, that the employees are happy, that they’re thriving on the team, it’s quite simply magical. This recognition supports our continued efforts in this regard. I am extremely proud of the entire team,” said Sylvain Dion, President and CEO of My Technician.

The Laurian-Barré Award recognizes employers who demonstrate best practices in the management of human resources. As winner of this award, My Technician is pleased to provide a healthy, safe and stimulating work environment for each member of its team.

Fostering professional development, maintaining high employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as leveraging inclusion and diversity through a local and international talent recruiting program are among the objectives pursued by the company.

These good practices help make My Technician into an attractive employer where the index of happiness at work remains high year after year.

The recognition of their skills and exceptional management is not new. In 2019, My Technician was awarded the Dunamis Award in the Best Service Company category. The following year, it was a finalist in the Best Service Company and Employer of the Year categories.