By Jennifer Blanchette

At My Technician, we work hard, and we play even harder. You will have recognized the famous saying, “Work hard, play harder.”

Don’t just take our word for it. The Great Place to Work certifications we’ve been earning year after year since 2019 speak for themselves. Valid for 12 months, this certification allows us to assert with great confidence that our workplace is exceptional. Yes, indeed! Our corporate culture is first-class!

Giving a Voice to Our Team

To obtain the Great Place to Work certification, all My Technician employees had to complete a confidential survey administered and processed by the Great Place to Work team. This survey chiefly measures the employee experience as well as the existing corporate culture. 

If the survey responses show that our team has a satisfaction rate of over 70%, we can add another blue and red banner to our collection.

As evidenced by our overall score of 95% in the most recent survey, the happiness index at My Technician is quite respectable!

This means that the IT professionals you trust on a daily basis — or perhaps your future colleagues — enjoy coming to work each morning. They are happy to work in a healthy, motivating and efficient work environment. They know that they will have access to all the tools they need to be able to innovate, progress and hone their skills. Feeling that their superiors respect and listen to them, they are proud to wear the My Technician colours.

This spirit of camaraderie even extends beyond office hours. After-work drinks on our sunny terrace, comedy nights, a car rally on snow or even a flying lesson on a Cessna plane… little wonder then that My Technician is a great place to work!

Changing Culture in the IT Community

Obtaining the Great Place to Work certification positively influences not only the existing team, but also future colleagues in the company. Vanessa April, My Technician’s HR Advisor, reports that many candidates — from here and abroad — are attracted by the promise of a respectful, credible and unbiased work environment.

“In interviews, candidates often admit to me that they want to leave their current job due to its toxic environment, and because they don’t feel connected to their employer’s values,” she explains.

“With us, she adds, they will be able to thrive in an environment where there is a strong sense of belonging and a high level of employee satisfaction.”

Gone are the days when employees had to walk a tightrope to meet their professional and personal obligations, thanks above all to our commitment to Work-Family Balance.

My Technician; named Best Place to Work

Obtaining the Great Place to Work certification allows us to reach an even higher level of recognition; the Best Workplaces lists.

Finalists are selected from all Great Place to Work-Certified companies, which means that My Technician has distinguished itself among more than 100 million surveys conducted across sixty countries.

Here are our Best Workplace nominations:

2019 — Technology and iin Quebec categories 

2020 — Technology and in Quebec categories

2021 — Inclusion and in Quebec categories

2022 — Technology, Professional Development, Mental Wellness, Inclusion and in Quebec Categories