Every day, you are looking to improve your productivity and efficiency to make your SME successful. But these efforts for your company could be in vain if you do not protect it. To optimize your company’s security, tools, often free and easy to install, are necessary. Enter MyTechnician toolbox.

To protect your computers

Today, large companies, SMEs and VSEs all have one thing in common: they are highly dependent on their IT assets. A simple failure of the systems can cause them significant financial losses. The good health of your company therefore depends on increased computer protection. Firewalls and anti-virus software are essential tools to protect your computers from threats. They will allow you to detect malware that may be installed on your computer without your knowledge. To go further once these tools are installed, do not hesitate to equip yourself with vulnerability analyzers that will look for weaknesses in your computers.

To protect your mobile devices

Employees are increasingly working on mobile devices. These devices, often used outside of work on unsecured networks, can be the target of hackers. Therefore, we would suggest that you equip yourself with a mobile device management system that will not only allow you to monitor and secure the devices but also to block them if their safety is compromised (in case of theft for example).

To protect your data

Thousands of data are exchanged every day. Confidential information about your customers, employees or business strategies can quickly become exposed to threats if you do not protect them with the right tools. Encryption using data encryption software (e. g. Veracrypt, Axcrypt and CCrypt) is therefore essential.

Store them

There are several solutions available to store your digital data such as text files, spreadsheets or photos. The external hard drive was quickly replaced by cloud services that are more secure and easy to use. They store your data and make them accessible from anywhere and even synchronize the information on your hard drive, if you remain a fan of this storage method. So, if your devices are accidentally stolen or destroyed, your data remains intact in the cloud. Be careful though: while data stored in the cloud is more difficult to hack than if it is stored on your server, you must be vigilant. Check out our latest article to find out if your SME’s confidential data is secured on the cloud. As for your hard disk, we recommand that you encrypt the files and data contained on it using an encryption software.

To manage spam

In addition to being counterproductive, spam is dangerous because it frequently contains viruses. To help you deal with these unsolicited emails, consider using a spam filter that will automatically sort through valid and unsolicited emails. Some email services such as hotmail or gmail offer them automatically. In addition, we recommend that you do not use your business email address to register a product, access social media or download software. These practices can indeed encourage the reception of spam.

To protect your Internet network

Having a secure, reliable and fast network is essential for a company. Heavily used, access to your company’s network can be difficult to control. However, firewall solutions will allow you to limit access to fraudulent sites. In order to ensure security and confidentiality when connecting to the Internet, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be useful for your company since it allows you to change your IP address and surf anonymously.